Supply of fabrics and accessories from abroad
Help to deliver the goods and go through customs without waste of time and money, delivery of prefabricated lots.
Interways Consult is your individual customs representative. We will make a complex delivery: select transport, collect documents, submit a declaration, arrange and bring the goods to the door of your production.
About 20 years of professional history of our companies.

2002 - we started by supplying several foam rubber plants in Russia with chemical raw materials. We are still friends and keep in touch with them. Gained experience in the delivery of chemicals, equipment, spare parts and export of finished products.

2007 - worked with feed mills in Moscow and the Leningrad region - provided them with flour and raw materials for feed production. This is an invaluable experience in phytosanitary and veterinary cargo.

2013 - cooperated with the gas holding Skandgaz - supplied gases, cryogenic equipment and components.

2018 - we conclude a contract with the Latvian manufacturer of textile accessories ARTA-F factory with a century of history, who asked us to be their customs representative in Russia. (one of the leading European manufacturers of fittings).

In the same year, a contract was signed with the Latvian manufacturer of rubber and lace LENTA

2019 - we actively conclude contracts with the Turkish manufacturer of buttons and eyelets NCS TEKSTIL SANAYI VE DIS TICARET A. S, as well as with the Polish manufacturer of coat hooks Amii Sp. Z o.o.

In the same year, we sign three more contracts with the Italian supplex fabric manufacturers EUROJERSEY, Jersey Lomellina and Fill & Co, and with the German fabric supplier SUEDOECONOMIC R. GOOS.

2020 - we work under government contracts and special accounts. We signed a contract with the Turkish fittings manufacturer HUMA FERMUAR PAZARLAMA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S and met with the French fabric supplier INTER EST, as well as with the Chinese fittings manufacturer SAB

We are currently negotiating with the manufacturer of zippers ALBER ZIPS for the supply of goods for tailoring departmental clothing as part of the execution of a state contract.

Today we import, export and clear any cargo, but the textile sector occupies the main place in our work. That is why in 2021 we created a separate company IntegraTex, which is focused exclusively on working with textile manufacturers.
About Us
We work with 50% of all textile manufacturers in Russia, and this percentage is growing every year. At the moment, we are the largest private company in Russia serving the textile industry.
Our services
Full cargo escort
Customs clearance of cargo
Negotiations with foreign suppliers
Banking and foreign exchange operations
International delivery and delivery within Russia
Contract support
Russian document flow
Contract support
Working with us, you will simply need to place an order, and then just make a purchase of goods from the Importer under an internal sales contract.
We have established weekly deliveries of fabrics and accessories from abroad, which allows our customers to plan production, save on warehousing of raw materials and not attract additional resources for the purchase of large quantities.
We conduct transactions only officially, all transactions, payment of duties are transparent both for you and for the tax service. We provide financial documents, certificates and are the guarantor of the security of all transactions with foreign counterparties.
Our programmers have developed unique software that we constantly improve and supplement. Thanks to this, all customers have the opportunity to track the status of the cargo, its location and much more in a one case.
Regularity of deliveries
Own system
Our advantages
Extensive experience in the import and export of products for the textile industry allows us to work not only faster than competitors, but also to easily conclude new contracts with any foreign manufacturers.
We have purposely located our main office in St. Petersburg to ensure that sea, air and land deliveries are carried out equally quickly, since St. Petersburg is the main transport hub in Russia.
We value each of our customers. We equally clearly fulfill our obligations both to the largest factories and to beginner textile manufacturers. We know that big comes from small, and we will always support any company along the way.
Office location
Execution of obligations
Faultless purity of transactions
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Our team
  • Natalia Alekseeva
  • Ekaterina Kuzyaeva
    General manager
  • Vitaly Shumilov
    Foreign Trade Specialist
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